8b984d7d8b1b685c66971c9e16c797ba Hi, I’m Jenn and I love everything about photography. Growing up my sisters and I were often the focus of my dad’s many photographs. There was always a camera, both still & video, present in everyday life. One of my favourite photos is of my late grampa laying on his stomach in his beloved garden with his video camera capturing images of his beautiful roses. I like to think that my passion for taking photographs was bred into me from the generations before me. There is something so relaxing about hopping in the car, listening to some great tunes and heading out with no real destination in mind…just stopping to photograph whatever looks interesting. This is often how I spend my days off. In my everyday life, days are often very stressful and crazy busy…such is the life of a neonatal ICU nurse. Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love taking care of tiny little premature and sick babies…I mean who gets to be in the delivery room witnessing the miracle of life on a daily basis as part of their job?!?! It truly is amazing!!! As much as I love being a critical care nurse, the need to slow life down and center my brain is an absolute necessity and truly keeps me sane.

For the most part, this blog is a showcase for my many photographs…as well as some descriptions about where they were taken and what the photos are about. So I thank you for checking out my blog and I hope you enjoy my life through the lens of my camera.